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Mango smoothie

What’s yellow, sweet, and totally nutritious? Mangoes. Mangoes have been dubbed as the “King of Fruits” and with good reason, too. Probably the most ideal approaches to appreciate mangoes is to make them into invigorating beverages called mango smoothie. They do not only pack the nutrients in, but smoothies are also combined with yogurt or other fruits for added nutritional value and more goodness.


They have always been seen as a great way to enjoy a drink. Instead of having the same old juices time after time, having mango smoothies, definitely gives your taste buds something new to experience for a change.

some tips for making the best mango smoothie

There are many ways in which one can make mango smoothies. Have you ever find yourself ordering smoothies at a restaurant and wondering how they make it to taste so good? To be honest, making them is no rocket science. It is a simple recipe that any person can follow with relative ease; however, there are a few minor details that are known to make all the difference. When making smoothies, it is important to make sure that the mangoes you use are fresh.

Seeing that mangoes are the main ingredient in mango smoothies, it is only normal to think that you would want them to be as fresh as possible. For those that don’t know much about mangoes, they are known to come in at least several different forms. They are known to be different in terms of taste and size. Depending on which one you go for, your smoothie will give you a different taste.

Ingredients for a mango smoothie

1 cup of chopped mango
1 cup of vanilla yogurt
1 cup of ice
1 tablespoon of sugar (optional since the mango is already ripe in itself)


For this most basic mango formula, you just need some slashed mango, some vanilla yogurt, some squashed ice, and a tablespoon of sugar (discretionary since the mango is as of now ready in itself). Basically join all the fixings in a blender or smoothie producer, run for thirty seconds, or until smooth. Fill tall glasses and serve right away.

Nutrition value of mango smoothie

Mangos are rich in a number of phytochemicals and nutrients. Eating mango will supply you vitamins A, C, and E, along with Vitamin B as well as a-amino acids and potassium! And, the best part is, besides being delicious mangos are high in fiber and low in calories and fats! That means you can eat a whole mango, which is about 100-110 calories and only a single gram of fat.

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