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Chicken in pineapple

Chicken in the pineapple-The The premise of this dish is chicken thighs, pineapple, and red finger peppers. These fixings are sauteed to brilliant dark-colored, at that point enhanced with garlic and ginger and hurled in a sweet and flavorful sauce. Chicken in pineapple is really a complete meal. Include some rice on the side, and you have a total feast. In case you’re feeling truly extravagant, you can even serve this supper in an emptied out pineapple for a fun introduction.

chicken in pineapple

Ingredients for Chicken in pineapple

4 teaspoons vegetable oil

2-pound boneless skinless chicken thighs cut into 1-inch pieces

2 teaspoon minced garlic

salt to taste

2 cup pineapple pieces new or canned

2 red chime pepper seeded.

1cup pineapple juice

2 teaspoon minced ginger

3 tablespoon cut green onions

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup chicken soup

dark pepper to taste

1/3 cup dark colored sugar

4 teaspoons corn starch

3 teaspoons sesame seeds


Warmth the oil in a huge dish over medium-high warmth. Season the chicken with salt and pepper to taste and add to the container.

Cook the chicken for 6-8 minutes, mixing incidentally, until chicken is cooked through.

Include the red chime pepper and pineapple to the dish and cook for 4-5 minutes or until delicate. Include the ginger and garlic and cook for 30 seconds more.

In a little bowl, whisk together the pineapple juice, soy sauce, chicken soup, and dark-colored sugar.

Add the sauce blend to the skillet and bring it to a stew.

Blend the corn starch with 1 tablespoon of cold water; mix until smooth.

Add the cornstarch blend to the dish and mix to join. Heat to the point of boiling and cook for 1 moment or until the sauce has recently thickened.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and green onions, at that point serve.

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