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bread pudding recipe

Bread pudding recipe is a sweet dish made from bread and milk and is really delicious to taste. It is also called bread dessert or lettuce. Important ingredients include bread, milk, sugar, and saffron.

The royal pieces were first introduced by the Mughals and still remain a part of the Mughal cuisine. Bread pudding recipe double ka meetha dish is a traditional dessert from Pakistan and India. A royal dish is a dish to offer on occasions and that’s why it’s served as a sweet dish at weddings and other events.

Bread pudding recipe or Shahi Tukray is a bread pudding of seared bread cuts absorbed hot milk or sugar syrup.It is additionally called Twofold ka meetha. In Pakistan it is likewise well known.

One of the top picks for an evening gathering over the merry season must be Shahi Tukra; a debauched Mughlai bread pudding made with saffron syrup, squashed cardamom and absorbed rich milk. There’s no holding back in this dish! (shahi meaning illustrious). Prepared until delicate and somewhat hard around the edges bested with almonds, pistachio and flower petals.

bread pudding recipe with condensed milk

To makebread pudding recipe or Shahi Tukra with condensed milk, fry the bread and make the sugar syrup similarly as referenced underneath.

Nowadays, numerous individuals attempt Shahi Tukda Formula with dense milk or with milkmaid which is truly fine. In any case, in the previous days, it was made by broiling the bread cuts in unadulterated ghee and garnish with condensed milk or rabdi.

To cause the garnish, to lessen the amount of milk to half and decrease it until it is diminished to half of unique amount. Presently include 1/2 cup consolidated milk to it. It will secure the way toward making the rabdi. Try to diminish the measure of sugar as referenced in the first formula if utilizing consolidated milk.

Making the sugar syrup

Take sugar in any vessel. Include 1/2 cup water into it and spot it on fire for cooking syrup. After it stews once and sugar breaks up totally, cook the syrup for 2 additional minutes. Check later. Take 1 t 2 drops of sugar in a plate and stick it between your thumb and index finger. It should have clingy and gooey surface. Dismantle separated the syrup to shape one string. Get ready sugar syrup with one string consistency. 

how to make rabri

Take milk in some other vessel with substantial base and spot it on fire for warming. Enable the milk to stew on medium fire. When malai begins framing superficially, gather it in the corner. Cook until milk stays 1/4 from the entire amount. Mood killer the fire now and blend the malai gathered at the edge of the vessel. Additionally include sugar, cardamom powder and rabdi is prepared.

Making for milkmaid cream

This is the most tedious advance of all as I will not utilize dense milk. It’s the simplest thing on the planet to open a container of dense milk.So at that point, empty the cream into the milk, include a spot of nourishment shading and cook this creation until it thickens. At that point include a couple of drops of kewra water.

bread pudding recipe

Ingredient bread pudding recipe

  • 12 Bread Slices
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2 liter Milk or condensed milk
  • 5 Green Cardamom
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Essence(optional)
  • 2 cup Hot Water
  • 5 tbsp Corn Flour
  • Cooking Oil(for frying)
  • 15 gm Cashew
  • 15 gm Almond
  • 1/2 tbs Yellow color
  • 15 gm Pistachio
  • Rosewater(optional)
  • Saffron(optional)

Directions for bread pudding recipe

  1. In cooking, pan add milk and boil it.  But do not forget to stir continuously, once the milk is reduced.
  2. Add sugar, vanilla essence, yellow food color, hot water cook and cook for 15-20minutes.
  3. Put in rose water and saffron and stir continuously.
  4. Add cardamoms but cook it just for aroma add almond and cashew, cook for 2 minutes low flame.
  5.  Now add cornflour mixed in water to thicken the mixture. Hence, the mixture is ready.
  6. Afterward, add cornflour mixed in water. So, the mixture is ready now.
  7. Now, take the bread slices and cut them on the sides and cut them into two triangles
  8. In a frying pan, add cooking oil and heat it and shallow fry the bread slices until its light brown color.
  9. Slices are fried now. For one minute soak these slices in prepared mixture  If you prefer soft version, therefore soak it for 5 minutes.


  1. Arrange the slices in serving dish and pour the prepared mixture on slices.
  2. Garnish it with chopped almond and pistachio, and serve.


My bread pudding recipe is simple. You can make it condensed milk, sugar syrup, milkmaid cream, and rabri.

For sugar syrup, coat or dip the bread slices in sugar syrup and then follow the above-mentioned steps.

If you have already prepared rabri, you can make shahi tukda very quickly. If you don’t have time to make rabri you can use condensed milk.

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